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    Substrate options

    I'm starting to plan for my new tank sometime this fall and I am considering not going with a
    deep sand bed in the main display tank for a few reasons. I may decide to setup a remote
    DSB \ fuge to reep at least some of the benifits of having a dsb. My question is, other then going bare bottom in the display what other form of substate would be suitable for the tanks
    bottom? I guess there is crushed coral etc but that could be more of a poop trap then anything.

    If i do decide to go with sand again, it will not be oolithic sugar sand and will only be a few inches in depth. I may lean towards the more coarse "reef sand" that can take more direct flow
    if needed without creating a sand storm. The remote dsb\fuge will be using the sugarfine oolithic sand but no more of this stuff for me in the display tank. Yes i'll miss the looks to a
    point. I have seen only a few pics on the net of bare bottom tanks and I think they look nice
    providing the bottom area is kept clean.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: Substrate options

    I run massive flow in my reef tank so I have run crushed coral since the beginning.  I have it about 4 inches deep at the back of the tank, tapering to 1 inch to the front.

    I do have a DSB in the refugium.  I will be linking my 90 gallon refugium back into the 90 gallon reef again, now that all my modifications are done.  This refugium is a display type that is right beside the main reef.  Popular method in Germany and other European countries.  Once it's all up and running, I'll get some pics posted.  

    I personally like the benefits of a DSB, but prefer to get them in a refugium.  The heavier crushed coral stands up to the high flow I like, and no sand storms from your critters.  Just my opinion.
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    Re: Substrate options

    thanks for the input mouse. The one main drawback i see for me anyways in getting away
    from the dsb in the main tank is "no more sand critters" like cukes etc, that i will miss.

    thanks, Jeff

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