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    Frag transportation time

    What is a reasonable lenght of time one could expect to leave frags in a bag (or some other container) and transport them?

    The reason I ask, is that I'm heading down to Sarnia in a couple of weeks, and I've been trading some emails with a reefer down there. He is looking for sps frags to buy (I don't have any but maybe some of you guys do though). We are talking a minimum 8 hour drive though.

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    should be no issue as long as you put the effort into preparing something to transport them in

    If I was you I would get myself a cooler and some Ice packs..........
    If possible use the largest amount of water you can afford to spare............

    keep the icepacks handy in another cooler ......check the temp on the trip frequently....if it is getting too hot place an Icepack in the cooler....should be no issue......had them in a road trip for a good 6 hours with no ice packs...ended up dumping ice from McDonalds to keep them cool

    the key ingrediant is obviously the amount of water and the temp.

    how far is Sarnia...8-10 hours....should be fine
    hope this helps

    Keep the air on in the car .......if it is hot.

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    Sarnia hey? You poor man.. just did that drive for a weekend a bit ago, and 'prick took good care of my setup. Keri's parents are in Sarnia. I saw someone on RC from Sarnia... that's cool.

    Like fishprick said, it's not a problem. If you think about it, the fish/corals, etc. spend well over 48hrs in shitty conditions being transhipped, etc. So 8hrs with your careful care they will be fine.

    Your biggest enemy will be temperature. High temperatures are stressful and reduce the oxygen content in water - the two likely killers. Lower temperatures are "better" than high.

    If you can stablize things in the car with a cooler, and you have the AC on to keep it comfortable with you, all should be well. Bring your temp guage to watch the bags.

    For stability in temp swings and to help control things, put either saltwater from a water change OR fresh water in the cooler too and have the bags sitting in that to help regulate temp swings.

    I think the moral here is you will be careful, so all will be fine.

    I might have some frags.. sps, lps.. I could maybe make a list & pics if he's interested. Especially if it's in a few weeks.
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