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Thread: Red bugs on sps

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    Red bugs on sps

    I've heard about theses. Now I'm thinking I have them. What are they, and what do they do, that's so bad?

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    They are extremely tiny and will hang out on the shaded parts of the branches. The bug itself isn't red. Rather just a prtion of the head is a rich red color. The rest of the body resembles an awful lot like a regular Amphipod with the curved back. They can move very, very fast too. They will only hang out on Acros and usually the types that cannot slime up much. Also, they usually tend to be the nice/very expensive/rarer acros ( figures,huh??). There is a treatment that you can do to the tank. Go on either ReefCentral or and search for "red acro bugs" You'll get a ton of info and even the treatment. Get ready to spend a few hours reading though.
    The reason they are so bad ( many people think a lot worse than flatwormds even!!) is because the coral they host on will usually stop extending it's polyps and lose it's color. The coral will slowly die because the bugs keep it irritated 100% of the time, therefore becoming very weak and unable to fend off diseases or just die of undernourishment.

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    the bugs I see or think I see are like the size of a pin head, very tiny. What do these bugs do? Do they eat the corals?

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    I don't think they actaully eat the coral, maybe the slime. They do stress the coral to the point that it stops growing and looses its colours, as toutouch said. If you do any frag trading, I'd let any body you've slept wi... I mean traded corals with, know about it. Boy, it's like having an std!!!

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