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Thread: feeding corals

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    feeding corals

    Just wondering what corals I just be turkey basting with golden pearl... are SPS's the only corals that feed off the stuff or should i also spray my star polyps, leathers and brain ?

    I mixed about 1/16 ot a tsp with some cyclopz-eeze and some water from the tank and basted using a turkey baster.
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    Usually when you actively try to feed a coral with a turkey baster, they won't catch the food as readily as if they filtered the water themselves. A turkey baster is too strong and not a natural waterflow for the animals. The best thing to do is simply pour it in your tank in front of a powerhead or water return so that it gets thrown all around the tank. Also, certain corals feed at different times of the day or more often at night. You have to know the feeding habits ofthe types of corals you're keeping and dose accordingly.

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