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    Green Algae (Good or Bad)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have attached a picture of some algae that has grown in my tank in 2 weeks. It normally does this but never botherd asking if it is good or bad algae. I usually remove it but just want to check to see if it is Good, Bad or the Ugly. This is a FOWLR tank.

    Thank You

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    Basically, any algae is "not" good. How well you want to tolerate it is up to you. In a reef tank it is more of an issue because it can overgrow some corals and kill them. In a FOWLR it can be more tolerable because there are no corals to harm and depending on the fish you're keeping, some might even eat it. However, lots of the nuisance algaes are rather untasty to most fish so they won't touch it. From the pic I see it's only growing on the sand, right? Is this a new setup? Most newly setup tanks will go through these outbreak phases. Algae grows for a reason though which would usually be excess nutrients, using tapwater, no cleanup crew to keep it under check. Address these issues firsthand and let the tank keep cycling.

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