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Thread: 125 Gal Partout

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    125 Gal Partout

    For all that contacted me. I will be takeing down of the 125 today. Stuff should be ready for Pickup tonight, Staurday and Sunday Email me for phone# and directions. As well as to comfirm what you wanted. Any and all are welcome to come by and have a look.

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    Can be seen and picked up Today. London Ontario Possible shipping on some items

    Americals Venturi driven in-sump skimmer/JBJ 2500 Pump 3 months old $200

    40gal sump/refugium $40 36"x 18"x 14"H

    125 gal AllGlass Aquarium 72"x24"x18" / Stand with matching Canopy (7 months old) Taking

    resonable Offers

    About 100 lbs left ...Live fiji rock (nice mix of Lrg (10/20 lb) and smaller pieces Very

    coraline covered)

    Live sand 0.50 a lb (mix of pink fiji and southdown)
    Mixed Macro $5 a bag


    MH 250w 10k on Cap&coil M58 socket wirered $100

    Powercompact 2 x 55w 9600k reflector 48" retro electronic ballast switched $100

    VHO 2 x 110w 10k 48" Waterprof endcaps 48"reflector Reeftech electronic Balast (8 weeks old)

    $200 *extra VHOs bulbs 10K 48" $20 each

    Yellow Tang
    Scopas Tang

    A few corals.

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