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    Introducing new fish

    Hey all,

    I've been out reading again. (yes I can do that, wonder of wonders).

    Anyway I've been reading about QT procedures for new clown fish: (

    What I find most concerning is the author recommends a lenghty stay at SG 1.09 for the fish and a prophylactic dosing.

    The dosing I can understand, I just personally don't like to use any meds unless needed. Personal preference I suppose.

    Soooo, here's where I'm confused:

    1. The author claims fish have an easy time with sudden salinity decreases rather than increases. Don't people commonly give new livestock a FW dip before putting them into a QT tank or for the brave their main tank?

    2. The QT time seems long for me, but I'm a marine newbie.

    3. What do you do?


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    while it is true that lower salinity is easier on fish bit to s certain point. A QT tank is a good idea with the same perms as your main tank. some will use meds or copper but I use nothing unless needed. If I find the fish has bin in a store that I know well for some time then I don't QT. I've had great success and to me finding healthy stock is the first best step.

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