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Thread: Chaetomorpha?

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    Does anyone have any of this Macro Algae for sale? ......also called by it scommon name of "Spagetti Algae" looking for a bunch...I have some dictyota if you want something different for your tank.

    I will buy the spagetti off you if interested

    thanks a Million

    ....................SPEAKING of Millions ...a women at the Bell South Towers on Elgin st where I work bought an "Instant millions" ticket two days ago and won..........if it was me after scratching it, it would probably say I owe them a Million dollars

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    I would also love some pasta algea!
    I'm also looking for RED algea. The stuff that looks like egg noodles! I used to have some a year ago but it disappeared.
    I bought it from a tank that a guy had and he said it grew like crazy.

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    I also would love some Chaetomorpha.. I'd turf everything else I have and go just with that.. only to find some now.
    Fishysan ><>
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    Sign me up as well....
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