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    Everything goes!!!

    I'm moving so have to sell off the tank :'(
    contents include 90 lbs of great coraline rock, all tonga and figi rock (lots of shelf pieces) $4.50/lbs, green pavona coral, pink pollicepora, orange millipora, brown bubble, pink carnation, orange carnation, 2 different favias, 7 different type of zoos, a large pink spagetti leather, green branching hammer, red brain, green striped mushrooms, purple mushrooms, green hairy mushrooms, 5 different types of acros, (blues, greens, purple, brown, turquoise, orange cap, yellow(green) cap, and more. Inhabitants include a clam, a very nice blue linkia, a blennie, 2 blood shrimp, feather dusters. Sorry no recent pics, but there's pics in my profille showing mainly the rock. Hardware goes too, see my yesterday's posts. Open house at 2pm in Kanata on Sunday. Sorry I haven't priced up the contents yet. Will update by this Thursday.

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    Alexandria, VA moving to Montreal
    OK I'm new here so I'll ask. Where is Kanata?

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    Everything goes!!!

    Interested in the rock & corals ,and equipment maybe some inhabs also!
    Let me know!!
    Around Here I Have a Verry Responsible Position
    .....every time somthing goes wrong

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    I'd be interested in some corals if your willing to ship
    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    Sorry to see you go man, but at least people will stop mistaking me for you. My name is Gerry also. I;m sure I met you at one of the MASO meetings.

    I would be very interested in any fish you have. I noticed you have chromis. Are these the green chromis? How many do you have and how much do you want for them? I am also interested in other fish, but don't see them on your list. If you have: powder blue tang, sailfin tang, heniochus (amunicatus), copperband butterfly, or any cleaner or blood shrimp I'd be interested.

    You also have a flame angel. Is he eating any corals?

    Let me know.

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    I know I am interesting in some of the sps's Would like to know size and pricing. I sent you a pm

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    I sent you a PM.

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    Question gerry

    whats up bud? I've sent pm's as well as others and they havn't even bin read. change your mind? were looking for prices and more info. is it afirst come first serve on sunday or is the pms of interest follow in order?

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    i sent some too.. no response..

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    he has probably been busy if he has'nt read your pm's guys....give him time eager beavers:

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