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    Suggestions for 20g species tank

    Hi All,

    I've been introduced to this forum by Toutouche, who lives about 10 minutes away from my location. This is my first post on this forum.

    I have a 20g tank that is cycled for a reef setup (skimmer, live rocks, substrate) but is currently empty of inhabitants because all the livestock was moved from this tank to another larger tank. I'm thinking of converting it to a species tank. I thought of seahorses but they seem to be very finicky eaters.

    Any suggestions?


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    If you can get your hands on tank raised sea-horses, then you should be ok.
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    you should ask ivan for tank raise sea-horse he knows were to get them

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    can you put seahorses in a reef tank??

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    mantis shrimp =)
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    Sea horses arent that easy to keep - even the easy ones. they have to be fed often and they sometimes take a while to learn to eat dead food.
    You really have to be dedicated for sea horses.
    I once put a sea horse in my reef- it lasted as long as it took my big maroon clown to swim over and grab the sea horse by the head and stuff it into it's anemonie. By the time I new what was happening the sea horse was dinner!! That was my last sea horse!!
    Mantis shrimp are really cool, but I don't know how much you'll see it in a 20 gallon.
    What about the good ol' anemonie/clown thing? They'll be breeding in no time!!

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    So seahorses ARE a possibility. They are certainly interesting creatures. If I do decide to go with seahorses, I won't leave them with my mated pair of maroon clowns (now in the 72g). The large female clown once made short order of a cleaner shrimp. Do one have to feed the seahorses many times a day? mentions "seahorses are fed 6 days per week, and allowed one day of fasting." But that doesn't mean that they are fed only once a day. What other creatures would go well with seahorses? I like purple firefish.

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    I always wanted to have a smaller tank that was very simple. For me that tank would have NOTHING in it but 1 carpet, 1 cleaner (got to have a cleaner) and 2 perks.

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