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    FOWLR PH Question

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what the ranges are for PH in a FOWLR. I usually keep mine at arounf 8.15 - 8.25 but today I looked and it is at 8.35 what is the max and min for my type of tank.

    Thank You

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    Fish really don't care THAT much about ph unless it is changing very fast. gradual swings in ph throughout the day won't bother them. They will easily tolerate anywhere between 7.5 - 8.6 unless that range is travelled in one day!
    A daily fluctuation between 7.9 and 8.4 would not bother the fish, hell, I know plenty of reefs with that kind of fluctuation.
    If you have critters in your live rock or want to grow corraline algea, it would be wise to buffer the water and keep it around 8.2- between 8 and 8.4
    It's really only rapid changes in ph that fish freak out over.

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