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Thread: Clam Update:-)

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    Talking Clam Update:-)

    As some of you know I bought a clam of aquaman. The next morning when I got up the clam was after leting go its foot and was at the bottom of the tank. Anyway I went to move the clam a little the other day only to find out that he has regrown a new foot and its attached to the rock:-) YIPEEE!!!! I also noticed that he seems to have grown a lit bit!!!!


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    exellent....good to hear hes making a recovery!

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    I think its Flame Angel who was saying a few weeks ago that clams will often do this when moved. seems to be normal behavior.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    I think they do it deliberately just to freak me out. Makes you be patient and worry before you can actually enjoy the clam. You know the rule - no instant gratification allowed in this hobby

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    LOL for sure. It certainly is!!

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