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    Sand vs Mud (Refugium)

    I am running my new system skimmerless as i have been doing it so far (corals seem to be happier this way, and its one less thing to worry about).
    In my sump, I can either fill it with a fine sand (0.5 - 1 mm) just as i have in my main display, or i can fill it with "Refigium Mud."

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Mud over Sand?
    i know the mud is more expensive, but i am not asking as far as price, just as far as system performance. I grow Chaetomorpha to use up nutrients (not caulerpa). Supposedly i think the Mud releases trace elements into the water - is that something we really want? and if it has things to help grow the macroalgae better, wouldnt those same nutrients make all other algae grow faster as well?
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    Hey Alrha your going to get alot of opinions to this question.

    I have tried sand,and prefer the mud(Miracle) I use it for about three years now and my Calerpa grows like mad with a whole lot of little lifeforms that live there to.Some people try it and it works great, and others try it and no luck cant say why, except maybe setup?

    They have done tests and say it just earth,but tests show a higher level of Iron in it amongst other trace elements which I have never once seen negative effects.
    I have seen sumps/refugiums with sand and could tell you one thing they do not look as nice and full of life as mine,instead I have seen them barren or hair algea ridden.

    Since in your question you stated your running skimmerless, I would go Mud for nutient export.

    So for me it works great so I choose MUD


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    anybody have any opinions on the Kent Marine BioSediement?
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    I have used miracle mud in my sump for just about 2 years. I was skimmerless, until about a month ago when I added a cpr bak pak. I can't say that the mud caused anything negative to happen but I don't think it gave me any added benifits either.

    Put it this way I have never had to cultivate the macro in my fuge(calerpa) in the 2 years it has been up. It just doesn't grow very fast at all. Maybe not enough light for the fuge? only 13 watts of PC over a 10" X 12" space.

    From my experince I would not spend the extra money on the mud.

    By the way the reason that I added the skimmer is that, I had bought a fairly large rock with zoo's on it, and half of them died from being squished in shipping. and that cause a huge cyno out break in my tank.

    After a month of skimming all the cyno is gone. I will leave the skimmer on for another month or so and then I'm going to slowly wean my tank off of the skimmer agin.

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    The mud is great and if you can afford it then use it. If growing your macro algae is the main reason you can use the sand and just dose small amounts of iron. Becareful using iron those as it can cause a bloom in your whole system if you overdose. I use small doses of iron in my system and the macro's just take off. With Mud this may not be needed. Just my opinion.
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