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Thread: algae on corals

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    algae on corals

    what is the best way to get algae off a coral? my short tenicle plate coral is half suffocated with red slime algae and is starting to die off. i tried putting it in more current but no luck

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    Try to siphon it off, or blast it off with a turkey baster.It sounds like you have cynobacteria. Check your phosphates, cynobacteria thrive of them.

    How old is your tank? new tanks are prone to cyno out breaks.

    try feeding your plate coral mysis shrimp it may help him recover.

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    siphoning it off worked for me... it eventually went away

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    When you remove cyano, you should ALAYS turn off all water motion devices and syphon off as much as you can. Do so gently because whatever gets away from you will simply settle elsewhere and it will start to grow there too. Cyano is simply from too much nutrients in your system. Look over your whole system and see where it is lacking in nutrient control. In the meantime, try feeding less to reduce the nutrients you're introducing.
    To rid your tank of it, you can easily use the Red Slime Remover and it works amazingly well. HOWEVER..., and this is extremely important. Just using this product is like a bandaid as it will come back very quickly. BUT, if you "fix" the problem then use the product, it will stay gone. Once again, I stress you HAVE to know what is the root of the problem and fix it first.

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