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    Summer Temperatures

    Well summer is here and my tank is hitting 85 degrees in the daytime again. This happens every year and for the past five years the high temperatures have not caused me any problems. Just wanted to know th temperature range most reefers get in the summer months.
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    Last week my tank was at 93.8 for 4 days straight. All the fish seem OK and are active and feeding. I try to run fans in the room at night with the windows open but in the morning the temp will only be down about 3 degrees. Normally it would however not go above 85 degrees. Man I was topping up a lot.

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    i always try to keep my tank at 78, so once its already at 80 i am already cooling it down with fans and if it hits 82-83 i use ice to cool it further. how hot can the tank safely run?
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    I keep mine at a constant 82f in the past. Once I placed the tank in the wall with the filter room the Temp soared to around 89f the corals were not happy and you saw it so Iprefer to control it with a chiller.


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    My tank alway's stay's at 80, It is located in the basment of my house so it's nice a cool down there. Plus I have central air conditioning.

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    I am noticing a lot of people here like to run their tanks at 80 and above regularly. i always thought the avg was around 78.
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    I used to live downtown on the top floor of a 4 story apartment building. When summer came it could get hot. I lost a flame angel when the temperature went to 92 - 94 degrees. My wife loved that fish. Didn't add anything to the tank until we moved to a house.

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    My place is air conditioned & the tank is in the basement. I've had a few days when it hit 82, but as it turns out that was due to a fialing light.

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    Average ocean reef temperature is 82-84F. I keep my reef at about 80-82F because it inhibits algae growth. This is the first summer that I've been able to prevent the temp from rising in the summer. The air conditioner makes a big difference but I also have 3 clip on fans on the sump in the basement that are on a Medussa temp controller. I had all that last year. This year I upgraded from 250w halides to 400w, big difference in heat in my enclosed canopy. I added another clip on fan that I have in the canopy blowing across the water with the end canopy door left open. That did the trick.

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    I have air conditionning, and use an Icecap variable speed fan in my canopy.

    On the hottest day we had this summer, the water temp hit 83F. On normal summer days, it varies from 79F at night to 82F during the day. Never had a problem with this temperature.

    In winter, I maintain my tank between 79F at night, to 80-81 during the day.

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