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    Day Temp / Night Temp

    Do the oceans maintain the same temperature at night as they do in the day? i would think that with the strong tropical sun that the water must heat up a degree or two during the day and cool off at night. i know that it is a huge body of water and it balances out and all, but the sun will be heating up everything above the thermocline.
    and if the water IS slightly warmer in the day, then shouldnt we too be willing to accept our tanks a few degrees hoter when the lights are on rather than fighting it with timed/temperature-controlled fans and all?
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    From what I have read the temp fluctuation is next to nil (1 to 2 degrees ether way) because the water on the reef is not the same water all day like in our tanks. It is being replaced on an ongoing basis by the vast oceans volume which is rather consistent. There are of course exceptions to the rule like in tide pools and areas that do not see good wave action. Unusual weather, like storms can also lower temps a far amount because they push large volumes of cool water... that has been pulled up from deeper areas of the open ocean by wind and cruuent... onto the reef. When this happens there is a far amount of death of simple life forms on the reef which affects those who feed on these simple life forms. A lot of people think that pollution is the big threat to the reefs when in fact it is the increased number and strength of the storms that is doing the real damage. If you are talking about 1 to 2 degree changes on a daily basis it will not do much damage but consistency would be best.

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