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Thread: Border crossing

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    Border crossing

    What exactly can be brought over the line? I'm going down to the twin cities, in a couple of weeks, and want to go shopping. Can I bring back any sort of live goods, or is it illegal.

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    Flying or driving?

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    Does not matter!

    Fish are ok! .. Corals are not! .. Live rock is not and all Dry goods are good

    So bascily all the good stuff you need cities permits for.. Some have brought across with no issues.. But if you get caught you can lose your car and upto 5 thousand in fines!

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    I know someone who's done this quite a bit. He's brought fish on the plane and says he'll never do it again - not worth the trouble. Driving has never been a problem. He's brought back rock and fish but no corals.

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    Yah I'll be driving

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    I have been told, that as long a you have receipts, there is no problems. I would not want to be coming back from floridia with ricordia. That is what I was told. You will have to pay your duties, and such, but that is it.
    I do Acrylic work

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    This is why there is somthing called Cites ( its agaist hte law.. and if you bring somthing across that is protected..a nd you get someone who knows this.. you are Royally SCREWED!

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    The problem is, they should allow for some kind of proof that the corals have been farmed, and are not from the ocean. But how do you prove it? From what I hear, some of the workers at the border have some beautiful salt tanks at home. Not like they'd throw out the stuff they confiscate from you!! lol

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    Listing of all corals that require an export permit by Cites from the export country to import into Canada. This covers a good lot of corals to Canada

    > Acanthastrea spp.

    > Acrhelia spp.

    > Acropora spp.

    > Agaricia spp.

    > Alveopora spp.

    > Anacropora spp.

    > Anomastraea spp.

    > Astrangia spp.

    > Astreopora spp.

    > Astreosmilia spp.

    > Astroides spp.

    > Australogyra spp.

    > Australomussa spp.

    > Balanophyllia spp.

    > Barabattoia spp.

    > Bikiniastrea spp.

    > Blastomussa spp.

    > Boninastrea spp.

    > Caryophylla spp.

    > Catalaphyllia spp.

    > Caulastrea spp.

    > Cladocora spp.

    > Clavarina spp.

    > Coeloseris spp.

    > Colpophyllia spp.

    > Cossinaraea spp.

    > Cryptabacia spp.

    > Ctenactis spp.

    > Ctenella spp.

    > Cycloseris spp.

    > Cynarina spp.

    > Cyphastrea spp.

    > Dendrogyra spp.

    > Dendrophyllia spp.

    > Diaseris spp.

    > Dichocoenia spp.

    > Diploastrea spp.

    > Diploria spp.

    > Duncanopsammia spp.

    > Echinophyllia spp.

    > Echinopora spp.

    > Euphyllia spp.

    > Eusmilia spp.

    > Favia spp.

    > Favites spp.

    > Fimbriaphyllia spp.

    > Flabellum spp.

    > Fungia spp.

    > Galaxea spp.

    > Gardineria spp.

    > Gardineroseris spp.

    > Goniastrea spp.

    > Goniopora spp.

    > Goreaugyra spp.

    > Gyrosmilia spp.

    > Halomitra spp.

    > Heliofungia spp.

    > Herpetoglossa spp.

    > Herpolitha spp.

    > Heterocyathus spp.

    > Heteropsammia spp.

    > Horastrea spp.

    > Hydnophora spp.

    > Isophyllastrea spp.

    > Isophyllia spp.

    > Leptastrea spp.

    > Leptoria spp.

    > Leptosammia spp.

    > Leptoseris spp.

    > Lithactinia spp.

    > Lithophyllon spp.

    > Lobophyllia spp.

    > Oxypora spp.

    > Lophelia spp.

    > Madrepora spp.

    > Madreporaria spp.

    > Madricis spp.

    > Manicina spp.

    > Meandrina spp.

    > Merulina spp.

    > Montastraea spp.

    > Montigyra spp.

    > Montipora spp.

    > Moseleya spp.

    > Mussa spp.

    > Mussismilia spp.

    > Mycedium spp.

    > Mycetophyllia spp.

    > Oculina spp.

    > Oulastrea spp.

    > Oulophyllia spp.

    > Pachyseris spp.

    > Palauastrea spp.

    > Paraclavarina spp.

    > Pavona spp.

    > Pectinia spp.

    > Phyllangia spp.

    > Physogyra spp.

    > Physophyllia spp.

    > Platygyra spp.

    > Plerogyra spp.

    > Plesiastrea spp.

    > Pleuractis spp.

    > Pocillopora spp.

    > Podabacia spp.

    > Polyphyllia spp.

    > Porites spp.

    > Psammocora spp.

    > Pseudosiderastrea spp.

    > Sandalolitha spp.

    > Scapophyllia spp.

    > Seriatopora spp.

    > Siderastrea spp.

    > Scolymia spp.

    > Solenastrea spp.

    > Stephanocoenia spp.

    > Stylaraea spp.

    > Stylocoeniella spp.

    > Stylophora spp.

    > Symphyllia spp.

    > Trachyphyllia spp.

    > Tridacophyllia spp.

    > Tubastraea spp.

    > Turbinaria spp.

    > Wellsophyllia spp.

    > Zoopilus spp.

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    Doesnt leave much,
    Tooloud is correct I have Imported corals for some stores out here in the past and if your flying or driving you need cities permits, which are only good for a few months and cost over 200$U.S thats when I imported from Jakarta.

    A few people come over without DECLAIRING them thats fine get caught once though and have a hard time going into the states you will be checked very closly when they verify your passport believe me it will register.
    And you may get a full cavity search how would you like that :bigcry: just kidding:biglaugh2



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