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Thread: Merulina Coral

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    Merulina Coral

    Anybody know anything about this coral? it looks beautiful!
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    Looks like a type of pavona maybe. I have a wrinkle coral that looks similar but the shape is much different.

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    It is a merulina- it likes the same conditions as sps but doesn't need as much light, although, it will keep its bright green better under brighter light. It will grow either in a plating fashion or lumpy with irregular bumps and stalks- probably depending on flow. I have a piece which is completely flat and the size of a medium frisbee- I've had it for easily 5 years in an sps tank. There is a lot of flow in the tank and that is why I think it grows flat. In a tank with less flow it might grow more irregularly.
    It doesn't need to be fed and it doesn't grow very fast.
    It doesn't really have extending polyps although it will extend them at night sometimes.
    It doesn't expand or do much- it'll always look just like in the picture.
    I think it is a really cool, under-appreciated coral especially when it grows all willy nilly!

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