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    time for a big change

    Well my reef has been up and running now for about 5 years and never been disturbed. I have decided to change out the substrate from the existing crushed coral to the fine white sand. (Not a DSB just about 3 inches...DSB is in the refugium). Here's what I'm going to do.
    - I have started up a 65 gallon drilled system and will be taking the water from my 90 and putting it int he 65.
    - I'll place any rock with coral on it into the 65 along with all livestock.
    - The remaining rock will go in a second 40 gallon holding tank with the same tank water.
    - I will then take the water down to just above the old crushed coral saving as much old water as possible.
    - Once the 90 is cleaned, scraped, and new sand added, the rock without corals will be added. I will placing some of the old crushed coral that is overflowing with life in a strainer and simply placing it in the tank to assist with seeding the new sand. The refugium will be untouched also helping seed the new sand.
    _ I'm not anticipating too much of a cycle problem with 120 pounds of old live rock and a 40 gallon refugium in the system. I'll keep you all posted as it goes.
    Might even have pics.
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    Sounds like a good plan. It should work well for ya...
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