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    heres the thing, I have 2 clarkii clowns, and I added a bubbletip about 6 weeks ago. The larger of the 2 clowns dove right on in and hasn't left since. He leaves to get food, and then hes right back in. Is it normal for one clown to take to it right away, while the other doesn't seem interested at all in it? The clown that is in the anemone chases the other one around the tank sometimes, maybe trying to coax him to come in too?? I don't know what they are doing. Will patience hopefully pay off and the 2 of them can live in there happily soon? The anemone is huge by the way. Lots of room for 2. Thanks in advance!

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    he may be chasing him to come in, or he may be chasing him to keep him away from the anemone that he chose as his home. perhaps with time the more dominant one will become female and then accept the remaining male into her anemone, but thats just a guess.
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    thanks, Thats what I was thinking as well, just the smaller of the 2 (the one that has no interest in the anemone) doesn't even go near it unless its getting chased around by the other one. I guess time will tell.. How I wish I could talk to them!! Life would be good then or maybe not!

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    the bigger one is the dominate one, hence may already be a female clown. it/she is just displaying dominance over the little one, if they were a pair before this just tested the relationship and chances are verygood that she/it will allow the smaller male to join her in the anemone

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