Well I have some experiences that I'll share if anyone else is wishing to change over their substrate. Mine went really well and I didn't lose a thing. Except some sweat...

I placed all my livestock in another tank (65 gallon ) with all the old water from the reef. I then drained the tank saving all the water I could. I removed the old crushed coral and ploaced in teh new sand. I then placed a large dish n the tank and filled the tank up with a powerhead into the dish. This cut down the sandstorm a bit but I still had a pure white tank. I then placed about 40 pounds of live rock in the tank and let it sit over night with no circulation. (Hoping for an exchange of bacteria and life from rock to sand over night. I'm not sure how much it helped in just 24 hours but I did it anyways. The next day the tank was clear...I then slowly (powerhead) placed the remaining old water in the tank that I had in rubbermaid containers. THis was followed by pumping water from the 65 into the tank. I then did water checks between the new reef and the 65 gallon and found the water exact. (Didin't expect different but wanted to be safe.) I then placed all the corals in the tank, followed by the fish. I filled the remainder of the tank up and started just the return pump as to not have too much circulation.

All the fish are swimming around happy, corals are already open except polyps, and the carpet anenome has started to plant itself right where I want it. (Like it will stay there...huh.). It's only been half an hour but so far I can't be happier.

My skimmer is going nuts but I assume thats from the sediment that it's picking up.

So end result is...I have a nice sand bed that I always wanted, happy fish, happy coral, and now hours of staring and getting the aquascaping as I want it.

Thanks to all who helped me with their advice for this change over.