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    Filter Options


    I have had a very successful 29 gallon reef tank going for about 8 months now with an eclipse hood (including filter), protein skimmer and about 28lbs of live rock. I am now replacing the eclipse hood with a normal tank cover and a orbit 30" light to boost my light levels. What should I do for filtering? Should I leave it to just the rock & protein skimmer or should I replace the filter with something, and if so what? Any help would be appreciated.

    Orbit 30" 2x65W + Moons
    Visi-Therm 150 Heater
    Saline Solutions Hooked On PS 30
    Supreme Mag Drive 3
    RENA Air Pump 200
    25Lbs Sand
    28lbs LR

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    I'd just leave the protein skimmer and rock. A reef tank does better without any mechanical filtration and at 8 months old, yours tank should be established enough to do just fine.

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