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Thread: Nano - 2.5 g

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    Nano - 2.5 g

    K, I need some ideas, and help with my newest project. I have with the help of the plumbers at work a 6 inch diameter, glass y fitting. I am making a mini Nano tank, with a sump system underneth of it. I am always thinking big, so this being so small I have to change my mind a bit.
    Has anyone set up a Nano yet,,, this is going to be 2.5 g, which is very small I know. What sort of life is best for this, as I want to put a couple prizes to make home in here and will be put as a center piece on the kitchen table.
    I'll send some pics in for you to see, if all works out this is really going to be an eye popper. I took the glass fitting into my local fish store to get ideas, and info on small pumps ect, and it really attracted their attention !!

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    Oh, forgot to tell you, I have already drill this piece, there are glass end caps that I have drilled 3/8 fittings into which is where I will feed the water into the tank, and where the y tube is I have drilled as well for the overflow area down for the sump..

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    Y fitting my butt. That's the biggest bong I ever seen... Just kidding ... should be interesting when finished. How you thinking of lighting it?

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    I started with a 2.5g nano. They're not as hard as people let on. Water chemistry can become a bit of a religion, but a partial involves a coffee mug

    Go easy on the bio load, most people will at most put one small fish (chromis or goby) but more common are shrimp.

    Corals are lighting & space. If you have the lights for it & it will fit without stinging anything it's fair game to try. Since you have a larger tank you can move frags into the 2.5 & then back out when they get too big.

    Plan on a water change once a week for the 2.5, and evaporation is more of an issue on the smaller tank than it is on larger ones. Salinty can jump quickly if you don't monitor it. Many 2.5g owners have an air driven auto top-off.

    Skimming is a bugger & the jury's out on if you need it or not on a tank that small. Coral life makes a small air driven skimmer that will fit into an aquaclear 300 or bigger.

    If you had a "normal" shape I'd suggest an AC300 or larger as a HOB 'fuge. It's an easy DIY Mod & it moves the heater out of the main tank. (It also provides space for a picolo skimmer or the Super Skimmer 1.) The extra ls & lr helps. has a lot of good info for small reef tanks, a few people there have even smaller set ups.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Originally posted by One Salty Dog
    Y fitting my butt. That's the biggest bong I ever seen...
    im in agreement

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