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    Interesting site... Underwater times...

    Here's an article linked from there:

    Bacteria Give Coral Its Orange Glow, Study Finds

    and here's the actual site...
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    I thought that cyanobacteria was the algae that looked like slime in a new tank? (The brown one that covers everything)
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    I've been reading some articles on about terraforming. Do a search there for Cyanobacteria & the results are pretty interesting.

    If my memory is working (only part way into my second cup of coffee Here's some interesting tidbits:

    Cyanobacteria is just about everywhere & one of the toughest critters around. Slime algae is one form of it.

    You can find it just about everywhere on Earth and there's speculation it also exists on at least Mars, or at the very least it could survive there.

    It's also widely believed that primative Cyanobacteria caused a massive shift in evolution, their waste products are typically Nitrogen & if memory serves some produce Oxygen as well.

    That was hugely poisonous to the other batecteria & life as we know it was able to evolve.

    Oh & of course populuating another planet with Cyanobacter is appariently step 1 in terraforming it. But we all knew that right?

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    thanks Kruger dude, very enlightning!
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