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    Is this too much flow...

    Hello Guys.

    I got my 125 gallon setup and running, My Pump died.. So i have acquired another one.. its a Gorman-Rupp Industries pump Model 14520-304.. It does 1500 GPH at 5 feet of head ( pressure rated )

    Right now i have it running through a SQWD going into each end of the tank ( i will be splitting it again to have 4 returns ) but at the one end of the tank where i have my acros i have the one return blowing right into the colonies.. Varly strong... and I'm wondering if it would do harm?? the SWQD is rotating every 6 seconds.. so its strong but not consistent force..

    Will they be okay? I hope in a couple of months to add in a couple of "reef-Rats" Which will make things that much better !


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    I would not have DIRECT flow pressure hitting any of the coral colonies Tooloud. I is not good for them and is IMO very unnatural. Can you direct the pressure part of the flow to pass above them ... Again IMO that would be best.

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    I agree with the Saltmeister.., strong direct planar flow is not good. Work ASAP on getting some varying motion in there or redirect the flow. EVentually, it can wear the tissue right off the skeletons!!

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    Where did you get the pump? I have the same model and I broke the face plate and need a replacement. I canít find that model anywhere online. PLEASE HELP...
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    corals adapt realy fast to strong currents anyway... i don't stop until theres a whirlpool forming...

    fyi, i have a 42 mini-reef, with a powerhead in the filter pumping 1800 l/h, and a fluval 404 on the other side...

    i had a few power head but they were raising the temperature too much

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    I'm with Salty and Touty - direct strong flow is no good. aim it slightly away from the colonies- maybe at a wall near them where the flow can bounce off the wall and move around them.

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