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    Live rock turning white in some spots?

    Hi Everyone,

    My tank is about 3 years and is a FOWLR. I am just wondering for some reason some of my rock now has white blotches. I just came back from vacation and might just be me but just want to know what these white bloches are it looks like the live rock died there and it cannot be scrubbed of lookes like the actuall rock has turned white in some spots. Is this good or bad? My levels seem to be ok just want some expert opinions.

    Thank you

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    could you post a pic?
    what do you have in there? something that my have eaten the algae off the rock?
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    It is amazing how much more can be noticed after a vacation. On the everyday basis we tend to not notice some changes.

    As far as the white splotches I've seen this with low calcium, you might want to check your test or borrow someone elses kit.

    When this happened to me my test kit was saying levels were fine but my calcium had dropped to 200 approx. I was starting to lose some corals so I had my water tested at local store and was surprised by the difference in the results.
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    my guess is low calcium as well.

    I had the same thing occur a few months ago and the white blotches actually turned into a nice lime green color (most of my rock is purple) which is now spreading
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