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    Water Changes for FOWLR

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering how often and how much water do you change in your FOWLR tanks.

    Thank you

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    Water change time schedule will depend on the bio load in the tank and what other methods are in use to control water quality. If the tank is carrying a heavy load with a simple setup then 10% per week is a good idea. If the tank is carrying a light load and is well equipped then 10 % a month may be enough. However one should remember that water changes are the best way to maintain good water quality in any tank at any bio load level.

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    I agree with OSD on this one. Water changes are one of the best way to keep healthy water conditions.

    I feed my reef tank very heavily and although I have a great skimmer I feel it's the weekly 20% water changes that keeps my tank in good condition.

    I'm in the process of setting up a 300g FOWLR and plan to do the same - 20% every week. In this tank I'm planning to have much larger fish so that means even more food and even more waste. I'll also have a 6' skimmer and an Eheim canister filter but I know it's the water changes that will make the biggest impact on the water quality.

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    Agree...depends on your set up (skimmer, sump, etc) load, how heavy you feed...and how much you like playing with your tank. I like to do smaller weekly changes but then my wife says I have a tank fetish!!
    35Gal mixed Reef with light fish load. 250W MH, Jebo Skimmer,

    100Gal FOWLR- Heavy fish load and a few soft corals.

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