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    Question swimming Worms!!! First for me!

    I'm a pretty smart guy:. But tonight I saw a first. Some sort of bug I've never seen before. Small, about 1/4 inch worm swimming in the water. I was waiting for my moonlight to come on, and it noticed all this debrit in the water glowing in the moonlight, so I flashed a light on it and there where about 50 or more of these small worms, swimming up to the light and then getting blown away by one of my powerhead. The had no legs or anything just a short small worm. I don't have a cammera, which sucks. But does anyone have any ideas. Tanks doing great so I'm not to worried.

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    does it look liek this?

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    I would say no! But I just went down to double check and they are no where to be seen. So I'll have to try tommorow night again and see if I can net some and find out what they are.

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