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Thread: crab in setup

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    crab in setup

    when I purchased my live rock about a year ago I put it in directly into my tank it was a new setup so I let it cure into the tank checked all the parameters before adding a couple of damsels I REALIZED ABOUT A MONTH later that I had a crab living in the LR it has red eyes and never comes out in the open it is about a inch long is he good or bad for my setup does noy seem to bother anything

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    Hey Frank,

    I have a similar crab that hitchhiked on my LR. He's been there since December. The best I could find is. for mine anyway, is he's a rock crab. He's fairly aggresive towards other crabs if they get close, but he stays in the rock most of the time. I haven't had too many problems although I did see him devour a blue legged hermit righ after I got him. Is the pic the same as yours?

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    mean looking sucker lol..

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    Take a look at this thread.

    I had a some similar crabs in my setup (still have one). I caugh them with some shrimps in a tilted glass leaning on a rock. The biggest one I caught was trying to pull two shrimps at the same time out of the glass!!! He was very aggressive in the tank so I didnt take a chance and got rid of it. It was the size of a twoonie.

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    Many crabs do there dirty work at night try looking in his spot a couple times after light out. This may give you an idea of what hes looking to eat.

    If you could get a picture we could help more on the identification.
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    For what it's worth, usually the ones with the red eyes are notoriously bad to have. They hunt down lots of other things in your tank. Use the search feature here and on ReefCentral and you'll find lots of info on these bad boys. If I were you, I'd use the tilted glass with a piece of shrimp in it at night time to get him out. Crabs are able to climb in the glass over the edge when they smell the food, but can't climb back up the smoothness of the glass to get out. In the morning you just remove the glass with it still inside.

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