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    .1 - .3 ammonia should I be worried

    Hi Everyone,

    I just got back from vacation and left my tank to my brother when I was gone. He did some water changes but he feed the fish king crab which is very dirty. I have a FOWLR tank with two puffer fish. I tested the water and the ammonia is at .1 - .3 i tested it on two test kits and the colours looks in that range. Should I be worried I plan to do a water change next weekend but are those levels high?

    Here the the rest of my readings.

    PH 8.13 - 8.23
    Salinity 1.025
    Ammonia .1 - .3 More towards .3
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0
    Calcium 380 - 400

    My setup is a 55gal with a 304fluval, emporor pengiun and a aquac remora pro with mag 3. I also have two 304 powerheads one with a filter as well as a maxijet 1200.

    Thank you

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    Any ammonia is a problem. Is it possible that something died in the tank while you were away or that perhaps the tank was feed a good bit more than usual?

    I'd do a large water change right away, I wouldn't wait until next weekend.

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    Flame is right any ammonia is a cause for concern. You should try to discover the reason for its presence. You want to make sure this is not the start of an upward trend. Your post dose not say how long the tank has been up and running. If this is a new setup or new upgrade it is the start of the cycle or re-cycle you are seeing here.

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