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    Green Algae Problem

    Hi Everyone,

    Just got back from vacation and seem to have a green algae outbrake what can I do. I was going to just scrub it all of with my next water change. I checked my nitrate and nitrite level and they are fine a little bit of ammonia .1 - .3 but that should go down with my next water change.

    Thanks Terry

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    Once the ammonia is converted to nitrites and then nitrates you will have higher nitrates than you do now. Also, it's possible that the algae is taking up the nitrates as soon as they are produced so you therefore wouldn't be reading them with your water tests.

    I see red flags here. I'd do a large water asap.

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    usually when you see an ammonia spike in an established tank, It probably means something is dead and decomposing in your tank.

    Did you have someone feed your tank while you were away? if so maybe they were over feeding?

    I agree with flame angle, do a water change right away. then in a day or so do another one just to get every thing back in check.

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