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    I recently added the following to my tank:

    Yellow ToadStool
    Yellow/Brown Digitata
    Blue Tipped Acro
    Neon Green Frogspawn
    Long Tentacle Anemone.

    All are doing fine fine (some secreted slime after adding them initially but since has stopped producing slime and look good) for the most part.

    The toadstool, which I beleive is the hardiest, seems to give me the most concern.

    Off the last four days its been in the tank, the polyps were extended partially on one day, remaining days the tentacles stayed retracted.

    Is this normal during a move? do I need to try placing it in another spot?, right now has medium flow and Lighting.


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    give it about a week to settle in and see what happens. if you keep moving it, you will stress it out and it wont be able to adjust.
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