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    live sand does it exist?

    i just spoke to the owner of lfs octopus and said it does not exist in this looking for a lfs who has live sand for sale the one at the bottom of the live rock curing tank.i was looking at le corail he wants $7.99 a pound i find this big als $4.99 a money isnt a problem but i want the who has the best live sand in montreal or the out skirts.any body can help.

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    Why pay for live sand at a retain outfit when you can seed your sand bed with a cup of sand from a friends tank? GGG unless things have really changed a lot I would think that any shop in town that gets their fair share of your hobby dollars would even give you some from one of their tanks.

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    Cool live sand

    yes,IMO It most certainly exists. If you buy the standard dry reef sand or substitutes such as SOUTHDOWN they are known as dead sand.buying live sand to me was always a bit of a ripoff anyways. if you place live rock [and different varietys of this] the bacteria and micro fauna that exists in the rock will slowly populate the sand anyways. It can be an added benefit to add a cup of live sand from other exstablished reeftanks as well because they would help to kickstart the sandbed.creatures in the sand bed not only aid in moving nutrients throw different levels on the sand but also help water move thru it as well [kind of like stirring the sand bed] and differents types of bacteria at different levels will help break down waste.If you can get a pound of livesand from the rock curing vat then thats just great for $7

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    how about critter kits ?do they exist?

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    critter kits you'd have to mail order- you won't find that in a store in MTL. You won't really find live sand either, but I don't see the point in buying live sand...unless it's just a pound or two to seed the rest of your bed. Aqua Tropical (Ferrier)should have a bunch of rubble at the bottom of their l.r. tank...

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    Steve will sell you live sand at Aquarium le Corail. A couyple of pounds will take care of you.

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    If your thinking of getting a critter kit and have a refugium... go with ReefCrew Copepod Nitokra lacustris and wait...

    I must admit...they are not cheap and you can barely see them in the bottle. I added a couple bottles to our sps setup and a couple months later noticed a HUGE(I mean HUGE) population increase.

    We plan on using this product in our rock holding vats in hopes to raise the added value of the rock. Its always nice to purchase rock filled with critters.


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    all i want to do is increase the depth of my sand bed to 4" i have presently 3" i had sand sifters that i got rid of because they were eating all the sand faunas now i want to boost the faunas in the sand bed.

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