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Thread: additives??

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    Talking additives??

    What is a good addative to use for corals? I've been looking online and what I've found is either Liquid calcium or Liquid Reacot both by Kent marine.. Whish of these is a better one to use and could someone explain why to someone who is new to reefing so I can understand :biggrinbo

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    mp, what kind of system do you have: lights, flow, size, corals, fish etc.
    If the tank is new and not much in it, you need nothing but a water change every few weeks.
    I am going to apologize in advance for what i'm about to say because I've pissed off and insulted some in the past. You really should buy yourself some good books on keeping reefs and the basics of water chemistry. This will allow us to more easily explain stuff to you as you will have a basic understanding of, say, buffers and calcium additives.
    DON'T TAKE THIS AS A BRUSH OFF!! It ISN't!! I only want to make it easier for us to explain things and for you to understand.
    Those two products you mention are completely different. The liquid calc. is simply calcium chloride to raise calcium levels and the liquid reactor is pulverized aragonite which dissolves in the tank to give you calcium and a little carbonates and bicarbonates for buffering. neither of which are that great, although, I would favour the liquid reactor for a tank of soft corals, or other low calcium demand corals.
    By the way, WELCOME to A.C.!!!

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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    I currently have a 44 gallon tank with pc coralife lighting 2x92 watts and attinics. 2 hagen 402 ph, prizm skimmer, 40 lbs of live rock and 40 lbs of live sand... currently no fish or corals at the moment just waiting till everything ( levels) are in check beter to go slow than to rush from what I've read.

    Thank you for your advice on getting a book and reading up, I've been doing ALOT of reseach online but yet to get a book so I think I will take your advice. In regards to the addative question I brought it up once I was at the LFS and the guy their recommended it since he uses it in his tank (just a typical sell.. Maybe. so I thought I would ask)


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    The type of addative that you will need, will depend greatly on the type of corals that you have in your tank.

    I agree with reefmutt get a good book it will help alot, well it did for me when I first started out. All I can say is read as much as you can and ask any questions that you may have. Most importantly research the critters and corals before you purchase them.

    The reef aquarium vollume 1 and vollume 2 are very good books.

    Welcome to A.C. Happy reefing!

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