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Thread: feeding corals

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    feeding corals

    my questions are , when is the best time to feed my corals(SPS)??? i grow my own rotifers, and was wondering if i have to wait til the lights go off to feed them to my tank. if i do have to wait , how long after the light go off do the corals feed??..........thank you in advance!!!

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    I think the best time is when the polyps are extended.... I have found msot of the time this is a couple hours after the lights go out. HTH


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    Sps tend to slowly expand their polyps slowly after the lights go off. I'd say wait about an hour, or feed in the morning before the light go on. I would bet that they will even fed during the day, though...

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    Night would be the best time, but I'm sure they would be able to sense the food in the tank. They would get used to a routine when every you fed them. My candy cane sticks his little tenticles out during the day when I feed my fish. And normally he only opens at night. He just seems to be able to sense the food in the tank and comes out when I feed no matter what time it is.

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    My SPS have their polyps out at all times, so i just feed whenever!
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    I only feed my candy canes & if they're not awake putting food near their mouth will wake them up.

    The Sun Polyp I was babysitting learned that I fed it after turning off the powerheads. It started waking up as soon as it noticed the flow was gone. I could pull the plug & come back in 15 minutes to feed it.

    I realise it's not an sps, but I was surpised at how quickly it "learned" it's feeding schedule.

    But it seems since I started adding freeze dried cylops-eeze to the water, everything wakes up pretty quick.

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