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    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if someone would be able to give me an approximate cost of setting up a sump for a 100g.

    At the present time the tank is not drilled, but it will be going to HFX in the next couple of weeks so now is the perfect time to invest the $$$ to have a more appropriate setup.

    Susan if you see this, I know that you are in Halifax is there somewhere/someone that you would recommend?

    Just how big of a sump/refugeum would you go with for a small tank like this?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.



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    I'm not sure what it would cost to have a tank drilled or where you'd take it to have it done. Someone else around here might know.

    The cost of the sump itself depends on what you use. I know some people who use a rubbermaid container, others use a glass tank and some have custom made acrylic setups. Acrylic is the best in my opinion. If you're handy they aren't hard to make yourself or you could buy one.

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