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    some water parameters questions

    hello all of you,
    I'm starting a new tank very soon and before I start, I wanted to know some descriptions about what is ORP, DKH and the difference between it and Calcium levels.... What exactly is KalkWasser and what is the best way to use it. Why is it good for the system instead of using a calcium mix.
    I just never got around to reading about all this stuff.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Rather than re-typing things, you should find answers to most of your questions in some of the articles Randy Holmes-Farley has produced. The RC thread link is:

    He has articles on general reef chemisty, ORP, alkalinity, Kalk, etc.

    A couple of short comments:

    DKH measures the buffering capacity of a system (how much acid has to be added to change the pH). it depends on levels of several components. It is the same as alikalinity (just different units).

    Kalk adds both calcium and alkalinity in a balanced way. If you just add calcium, you can overload the buffers leading to calcium precipitation and serious problems. You need to add Kalk slooooooowly.

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