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    Pest Thread worth checking...

    .. as it grows.

    Damn starfish, I've got some of those in a batch of live rock I bought "used" - been removing them as I see them.

    Hope we don't get "mites" round here! Of course the US distributors are spreading a lot of these things from their holding tanks, etc.
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    I also have issues with those little stars... at first I left them alone since they didn't seem to do any harm... but I noticed they were multiplying fast.... and caught a few on my galaxian... I've been picking them off as I see them.


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    I had issues with those stars, and flatworms before the crash.

    They're gone now (both the stars AND the flatworms)... so I guess there is something good that came out of it.

    Too bad the crash didn't take out the aptasia. I noticed about 5 small ones growing...
    I'm sure those things could live through a nuclear blast! lol.
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