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Thread: star polyps

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    star polyps

    hey folks was wondering what could be wrong if star polyps havent fully extended for 2 days 1/2 of them are out or there all in or there just startign to come out most of the day.....water parameters are all stable and have been since the tank was started. Only thing is im currently running through a diatom problem and also have a coral beauty could it be the algea or the beauty pickin on them??


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    you could try cutting the top 1/2 off a 2L plastic coke bottle and cover the star polyps with it.. this would stop any fish from picking at it at least until you can determin the exact problem...
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    probaly nothing wrong. they can close for days and reopen like nothing was wrong. happens all the time.

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    Its tough to say whats wrong, my star polyps are overtaking my tank now, and i'm peeling them off the rocks, which is great, but it didn't always go so well, i find they really took off after i got my Ca and Alk balanced using a two part additive.
    In my experiences GSP and xenia are two of the corals that don't require perfect water quality to fluorish in a tank, but they are the two that have taken off in my tank now that i have balanced ca and alk so i'm not sure if you could be having ph swings but it could be whats happening
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