I know it is not the best of the skimmers, but if you own this skimmer and you wonder how you'll ever clean the bottom part of the skimmer due to the routed chambers, USE YOUR ALGAE MAGNET!

I tried bending brushes and flushing with hot water and the accumulated detrius at the bottom just doesn't want to give way. In fact with a brush you may never truly reach the bottom for a good scrub.

Just drop your algae magnet in there and wipe away!

You have to thoroughly clean the skimmer every month or two for it to work the most effective. Every time it needs cleaning my water surface will cloud up with scum. Even manually skimming away the oily film by lowering a plastic cup slowly so that the oily surface cascades along the rim of the cup, a few hours later the surface scum returns. Must be the skimmer. After cleaning the skimmer the water surface will turn back to crystal clear.

Just a tip I want to share! Enjoy.