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Thread: Frag Lighting

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    Frag Lighting

    I want to frag some corals and put them in the rock rubble of my sump to attach themselves (i guess this can take about a month to attach well). My sump, howeve, has 24/7 lighting. would this be a problem and kill the coral? or will they even benefit from the lighting? also it is only 40w-80w of light in the sump.
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    I frag mushrooms and xenia etc all the time, and toss them in an icecream container in the sump. I keep the container 1/2 full of rubble and cc so they can attach. It only takes a week or two for them to grab on to something! My lights are on in the sump 24x7, I run two 18" NOs (6500K) as well as a 6500K 13watt PC.

    Go for it!

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