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    Leather not openning

    First off Id like to take my hat off to people like Flame Angel,Johnny Rock,Tooloud and any others out there who have built their aquariums into the wall.I just finished doing this taunting task this weekend except for a few odds and ends and believe me it was ALOT more work than expected.After emptying out and relocating the tank to where it was to sit,I began to place everything back into place.All pumps,protein skimmer and lights are going now.All the live rock and coral were in a rubber maid pail for a couple of hours untill it was time to go back.Im probably getting nervous for nothing but,my finger leather isnt opening up fully.The polyps arent comming out either.Im hoping its just a bit stressed after the ordeal.But if it is dying how can I tell? will it bleach in colour or what?

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    Heh, yup, ya gotta really want it to go through with it, that's for sure

    If you just made this move today I wouldn't be too worried about the leather yet. Check your water paramaters and if all is well just give it some time to settle in.

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    the leathers can take up to a week to open up after a move. but they are rather hardy generally, so if all your parameters are in check, i wouldnt worry too much.
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    Thanks,6am right now and I just went to check.My leather seems to have closed right up like usual after the lights go out so Im sure its fine.I dont have the electrical outlets in place yet and still using those ugly power powers for the time being.Going to turn the lights on a couple hrs early today just to make it up to the little guy

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