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    Toronto Aquariums

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what locations and owners/maitenance people for the Toronto area there are.

    Below are the ones I know of.

    Spring Roles (Owner = ? Maitenance = ?)
    Manderine 410 (Owner = ? Maitenance = ?)
    Rainforest Cafe (Owner = ? Maitenance = ?)

    Thank You

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    I can only say something about the RainForest Cafe.
    It is a franchise and supposedly the whole concept behind it is to raise funds for the " Save the rainForest" campaign. Obviously not all profits, but a chunk of it all goes to this organization.
    The tanks are built by Living color and so is the "typical filter design" employed in the tanks. As to the maintenance, I don't know who takes care of it, but I'm wondering if they use local people in each city that has a restaurant or if it is inhouse trained people?

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