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Thread: lighting died

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    lighting died

    One of my lights is no longer working.. bulb is approx 2 months old (max) and running a WH7 ballast.

    Anyone want to suggest how to approach this ? Should i first switch it with my other ballast or check for salt creep in my end caps ? Can salt creep simply be wiped out of an end cap ? the end caps have not been used for more than 3-4 months.

    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    id try another ballast if you have one around...if not you could try switching them to see if its the ballast or the wiring. or you could try to just rewire it and check for salt creep but if your using waterproof endcaps it shouldnt be bad

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    if the light just died, then its probally moisture in the endcap and.or corrosion. check the endcap, if the endcap is corroded a little then sand the copper spring a bit and make sure no moisture is building up and running down the tube because it still can get into the endcap. I found at night that moisture could build up that you don't notice so I installed fan on a multy timer to come on at night for 10 minutes to dry the canopy out. 10 minutes every hour.

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