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    Looking for a Good and Big home

    Hi Everyone,

    I currently have two Puffers one is a dog face and the other is a porcuppine when I first purchased them they were smaller than an inch now the dog face is 11" and the porcuppine is 6". I am looking for a good home for my fish as well as a large one. If anyone has a large tank for these guys let me know I will give them for free to a good home only. I live in Toronto. I am looking for a big tank in Toronto but cannot find one so I am asking here. If you from an LFS don't bother asking me I will not give them to you. Especially big al's!!!!!!

    Thank You

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    If you'de ship one down to be in Newfoundland, I've got a nice 112 gallon the pork would likely enjoy. :-)
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