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Thread: tank weight

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    tank weight

    I was wondering if anyone has a formula to determine tank weight. I'm trying to decide on a stand for a 30g fuge, I'd prefer it not to come crashing to the ground.

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    The weight of water is approx 10 lbs per gallon, so that would be about 300 lbs of water plus the weight of your fuge.

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    Since most tanks are given in US gallons, the weight per gallon is actually 8lbs/G. However, you would also have to factor in the weight of the glass panes, lighting, rock/sand, etc.

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    get a stand that can support 500lbs and you should be ok
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    to make it simple you can easily build one with 2x4's and ply or buy one from an LFS. a milk crate or 2 could hold that 30g Its not that big of a deal. but it has to be built for shear[spelling] strenght.

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