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    hey guys, has any body ever seen turbo snails with no shells. My tank has been set up for about a year now. i introduced 16 turbos over the first few months (bad algae)which are still going strong, recently ive noticed 4-5 snails/slugs with no shells, same size as the turbos, they look the same in every way. i'm not certain where they came from any body else experienced this.

    Any body no anything about the life cycle of turbo snails.

    There are also loads of white worms (bad news i presume), and little creatures that look a little like big fleas (are these pods)both these only come out at night and dont like the spotlight.

    Ive also noticed some baby hermits, they must be breeding.
    this hobby amazes me every time i look there are new critters, beats 400 channels of crap on cable or sattelite.

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    eh? karma points?
    We need more Indians!

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    Those snails are called Stomatella snails and they do breed rather easily and fast in the tank. They usually hitch hike in on the rock. The worms and bugs are all good since they will make up a big part of the biofiltering in the ank and they often become part of the food chain for the fish and corals in the tank.

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