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    Majestic Angelfish

    Anyone have experience with a Majestic Angelfish, Are they reef safe. Aggresive towards other fish....I have a flame angel??

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    Slykat Hello J'ai a majestic angel since soon 1 month,il goes super good it is not dutout aggressive towards any fish, for the meters in the reef its its depends on each spéciment I conait a guy who this fessait to puff out its will acropora and its sun polyps and after 2 sem it Na to touch more has any coreaux, but in be large angel I cross that his more reef safe A+ John

    Salut Slykat

    J'ai un majestic angel depuis bientot 1 mois ,il va super bien il est pas dutout agressif envers aucun poisson ,pour le metres dans le récif sa sa dépend de chaque spéciment je conait un gars qui ce fessait bouffer ses acropora et ses sun polyps et apres 2 sem il na plus toucher a aucun coreaux ,mais dans es gros ange je croix que ses le plus reef safe .A+ John

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    Cool skycat

    there nice fish but you don't have the tank for them. they get big! fast! and need perfect water conditions. A 90g just won't cut it for long IMO.

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    Slycat, they certainly are beautiful fish and they certainly are not reef safe! Some people have luck with them when young but usually it's just a matter of time before they start picking. Brains,zoo's,clams are a few of their favorites!

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