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    brown stuff on coral

    Looks a bit like red slime. It's on my porities and on my yellow cap, and seems to be killing them, taking them over. What is it , can i treat it, and how do you prevent it? can i stop the encroachment?
    All replies appreciated.

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    could be cyano bacteria - blow it off with a turkey baster, etc.

    Various signs could cause it, low flow, water quality, top off water, etc. hard to say. Best is to syphon it out & or blow it out, it may pass quickly.
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    I think we've all had it at one time or another. Remove it so it doesn't do any more damage and it probably won't come back.

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    do a search at RC on brown jelly infection! cyno will usually start at the bottom of your tank and progress upwords.[usually]

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    I will agree with John,
    The fact that the slime is on the corals you mention is weird because the brown jelly disease usually affects only the meaty corals like Torch, Frogspawn, Hammer, Open Brains, etc.... There are however many types of RTN disease which is "Rapid Tissue Necrosis" and this will hit the harder corals such as SPS, Porites etc... When THIS happens however, it's usually fast and will consume a coral within usually 24hrs if not looked after. I cannot tell you what to do for sure as I'm not sure as to what you have. BUT, I will say this.., When it IS in fact RTN, the best way to save the coral is to frag it where it is still healthy and the disease has not touched yet. Whatever you do, do NOT blow it off of the corals, or let it float around only to land somewhere else. If it IS in fact RTN or Brown Jelly Disiease, it will spread VERY easily to other corals if it gets into the watercolumn by loosening it yourself. The strange thing about this disease is that it is in fact quite often contagious, or put in another way, it CAN spread very easy, yet it might affect a coral on the otherside of the tank, yet not a coral right next to it. There was an article in MarineScope a few months back as to how 1 particular strain of Vibrio (RTN) was apparantly spread by 1 particular species of Fireworms as it would lie dormant in the skin of the worm till the right conditions would activate it and affect the corals. Keep in mind that I said "Fireworm" and not "Bristleworm" however because while it has been recorded as happening, actual Fireworms are very, very rare in an aquarium. Most probably not your case. Therestill isn't really a cure or thatit's known what even causes it... there are assumptions though however, but nothing conclusive as of yet. Eric Borneman is in the process of doing some studies on these diseases and why they happen.

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