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    sea hare releasing ink!!!

    Had kinda of a scare this morning with "Henrietta" (my large sea hare) whom I'm actually quite attached to!lol Anyways, I don't usually run powerheads in my 220 gal, but recently it's looking a little dirty and thought I'd add a few. I made sure and covered the intakes with foam (as I'd lost one in this manner previously) This morning I'm looking at the tank and to my horror realized that Henrietta was stuck to thepowerhead...through the foam! I immediately unplugged the powerhead and waited for a bit but she wasn't releasing. I then reached in to try to dislodge her when POP! this dark purple ink shot out of her as she fell to the bottom. I ran for a net and got her out. By then the whole tank was dark pink. I had read that these types of sea hare's are not that toxic but the amount they can release can pollute a tank. I quickly added some carbon and cleaned the skimmer...which had bright pink foam by then. With in 20 minutes the tank had cleared with no ill effects on any of the fish, much to my relief! Oh, and the happy ending to this tale is that Henrietta was just fine and was returned to the tank...minus the powerheads.

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    That must have been pretty scary. I've never seen a seahare but sounds like they aren't very strong swimmers. Glad to hear that she's ok and didn't do any damage to the tank. Good thing you were there! Perhaps Henrietta should go for a little vacation the next time you add powerheads to her tank

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